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E. A. Stribling-Kivlan Talks Real Estate, Culture and Community

Co-host Nancy Sheed talks with E. A. Stribling-Kivlan a real estate legacy (she’ll explain). She studied theology, specifically modern Hindu thought in college so you know her professional journey wasn’t predictable and she never expected to be in real estate.

Necessity and circumstances led her to the world she’d seen since childhood.

E. A. explains how the family led business merged with Compass. What’s it like to go from family owned (with an amazing, inclusive culture) to a corporate entity? E. A. explains how she and her company navigated this major move.

Why is culture so important? E. A. shares her insights. Hear how she determines what is a good fit long term. It’s a simple concept that helps keep the most important aspect in mind.

Trusted advisors and community are key to long term success. It’s refreshing to hear how important it is to have access to others who can help provide perspective. E. A. explains how HAYVN has been a place for support with an environment conducive for creating connections.

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