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HAYVN’s meeting spaces are a perfect fit!

Invite them to your elegant conference room in Fairfield County — with all the bells and whistles. Close the door and “wow” them with your presentation skills knowing we’re on standby for more water, tech support and a last minute “You’ve got this!”

Need help figuring out which meeting room or conference room is best for you?

Here are some details, or call us at (833) 429-8659, or contact us and we’ll help you find your perfect meeting space!

Huddle / Podcast Room for Rent

Huddle / Podcast Room

This room can be used for creating Podcasts or just for 5 person meetings.

Mini Meeting Room for Rent

Mini Meeting Room

This is a perfect space for a 2 person meeting, a one-on-one Zoom meeting or a long conference call. Fits 2 people.

Sheffield Conference Room (Large) for Rent

Sheffield Conference Room

Large conference room – beautiful views, flexible for workshops, can seat up to 25 people.

The Living Room (Meeting Space) for Rent

The Living Room

A comfortable meeting room as if you were sitting in your own home entertaining — fits 12 people.

Long Neck Conference Room (Large) for Rent

Long Neck Conference Room

Beautiful light filled room for quiet meetings — seats 12 around a table, WIFI access, large monitor. 

Event Space for Rent

Event Space

A space for events from networking workshops to share-your-victory evenings. Fits up to 90 people.

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Event Brochure

Host An Event

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Meeting Spaces and Events FAQs

Can I host a business or personal event/meeting at HAYVN?

Sure thing. From your pitch party to networking extravaganza to family events, we’ve got the perfect event space for you to dazzle your guests. Looking to host a meeting? You can reserve a conference room or event space (indoors or outdoors) for your team, clients, and guests to gather. Our super-helpful HAYVN staff are there to help — from testing the tech to setting up your coffee bar. We’ll take care of behind-the-scenes stuff, while you whisper-speak your presentation or make a toast.

You can bring your own caterer but if you need one, we know great ones who are familiar with our space and know how to make it picture perfect!

Are there flexible layout options for hosting a meeting or event at HAYVN?

Yes! HAYVN’s Sheffield Large Conference Room with beautiful views is perfect for a meeting with 7 flexible workshop/training set-ups. Design styles for laying out the tables and chairs include chevron, classroom, theater, U-shape, team tables/clusters, circle or semi-circle chairs, and conference style.

Our Large Event Space with Kitchen can accommodate different layouts including chairs only, tables and chairs, and open space to mingle. Space easily fits 90 and is airy, bright with an open kitchen space boasting an extra long counter for beautiful spreads. Ask about our surrounding breakout rooms which are optional add-ons.

Interested in an outdoor space, fitness center, or the spacious 3-story atrium space, let’s chat more.

Please review our many options in our Event Brochure here.

How do I reserve a HAYVN meeting or event space?

The easiest and quickest way to reserve your space is to book online or give us a call or fill our our event form. We’ll find out what you need and help get you all set up.

Can I be a speaker and/or presenter at a HAYVN event?

Thank you for your interest in being a presenter at HAYVN. Since we receive many requests to present to our community we want to make sure your presentation fits with our HAYVN’s vision. Please fill out the HAYVN Speaker Form which you may return to us at

Questions? Please call us at (833) 429-8659.

Is there a minimum amount of time for a meeting room or event space rental?

For all meetings and events, please include any applicable setup and breakdown time in your reservation.

MEETINGS: Yes, 30-minute increments would be best for a meeting room rental.

EVENTS: Yes, we recommend a minimum of two hours rentals for your event and require a non-refundable two-hour date-hold deposit to reserve your date(s) and time(s).

How far in advance do I need to book a meeting room or event space?

To play it safe and make sure your ideal space is available, book your meeting room or event space in advance.

Want to do a spontaneous meeting? You can quickly check on availability by looking and also booking on our booking calendar. If it’s a short notice need, please also talk to one of the HAYVN staff who can help you — if there’s a space available, it’s yours!

Are there deposit, payment, and cancellation policies for a booked meeting room or event space?

MEETING ROOMS: Yes. When a meeting room booking is cancelled 24 hours in advance, 0% cancellation fee is applied. For a cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, 100% cancellation fee is applied. Meeting rooms include: Sheffield Conference Room, Bell Island Living Room, Huddle/Podcast Room, and Mini Meeting Room.

EVENT DEPOSIT: Renter shall submit to HAYVN a date-hold deposit equal to 2 rental hours to reserve your date(s) and time(s). Deposits are non-refundable. HAYVN has no obligation to hold the desired space for the requested date for a Renter until and unless the Agreement is signed, and the deposit is paid. The balance of the rental fee is due seven (7) days prior to your event.

EVENT PAYMENTS: Payments may be made to HAYVN in cash, by check, or via credit cards (Visa/MasterCard). Miscellaneous or additional costs, such as for staffing, bar, catering, rentals, etc., are due two (2) days prior to your event. No terms are implied or granted and no event preparation work, on the part of HAYVN or Renter, shall commence until full payment is received.

EVENT CANCELLATION: Cancellation of an event at any time after an Agreement is executed and 7 days prior to the event date shall result in forfeiture of the Renter’s date-hold deposit. In the event that Renter cancels its event less than seven (7) days before the event date, Renter forfeits the entire rental fee, including the deposit and the balance paid as well as any other costs incurred on Renter’s behalf, such as reserved food and beverage catering, equipment rentals or purchases. The rental fee, less the date-hold deposit, will be returned to Renter only if Renter cancels the scheduled event at least seven (7) days in advance of the event date.

What are the guidelines for using HAYVN’s event spaces or for hosting an event?

Please review HAYVN's Event Rental Terms and Conditions or give us a call or email us at to book an event space and discuss guidelines. You cannot book these spaces online. We will review all guidelines with you, and they also are included in our event space contract.

HAYVN is a drug free and non-smoking facility at all times.

To learn more about our Meeting and Event Spaces, you can see our online brochure here.

Do I need insurance to host an event at HAYVN?

Yes. Exact terms are in the contract and HAYVN Event Terms and Conditions but generally …

  • Renter shall provide Renter shall provide certificates to HAYVN for Renter’s Special Event Liability, Commercial General Liability and Liquor Liability (for events with more than 50 attendees or for events where Renter sells alcohol) insurance no later than 7 days prior to Renter’s event.
  • Third-Party catering service companies must provide evidence of $1,000,000 in General Liability Insurance as well as Workers Compensation Insurance 7 days prior to the event date.
  • Musicians or DJ’s (or third parties who hire musicians or DJ’s) are required to carry General Commercial Liability insurance.
  • Renter shall comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  • Renter shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless HAYVN and its officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any and all demands, claims, damages to persons or property, losses, and liabilities, including reasonable attorney’s fees (collectively (Claims”) arising out of or caused by Renter’s negligence in connection with the use of the facilities.
Can I serve alcohol or drugs at my event?

ALCOHOL: Yes you may, but you must comply with HAYVN's proper conduct which includes not serving to minors on the premises at any time. For the avoidance of doubt, if Renter serves alcohol at any time during an event with more than 50 attendees, Renter shall either (1) obtain and provide proof of a liquor license or permit and required insurance policies OR (2) hire a licensed vendor and or catering company which shall have in its possession a liquor license or permit and required insurance policies. If Renter intends to sell alcohol to attendees during its event, then, Renter must obtain required insurance policies and provide a copy of the insurance certificate and a liquor permit to HAYVN 7 days prior to the event.

HAYVN is a drug free and non-smoking facility at all times.

Please review HAYVN's Event Rental Terms and Conditions or give us a call or email us at for more information.

Can I bring my own caterer?

Sure thing, you can bring your own caterer but if you need one, our preferred caterers are familiar with our space and know how to make it picture perfect!

HAYVN's Catering Standards and Kitchen Policy for the caterer is covered in HAYVN's Event Rental Terms and Conditions or give us a call or email us at to learn more.

Does HAYVN provide any beverages for events?

HAYVN provides beverages for meetings of 8 people or less including coffee, tea, and water. Not sure what to serve? Hosts often serve juice, coffee/tea, soft drinks, and alcohol. Ask us or a caterer for some ideas including our preferred caterers.

Is AV included with my reservation?

HAYVN has high-tech equipment available such as HD flat-screen TVs, video and conference equipment, awesome sound system, podcast equipment, monitors, and tech support.

Can I see the Terms & Conditions for hosting an event at HAYVN?

Sure. Here are the Terms & Conditions for an event at HAYVN.


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