HAYVN Hives small focused groups at HAYVN in Darien, Fairfield County CT

HAYVN Hives are 4–5 partner peer mentoring, coaching, and support groups that meet monthly over 6 months.

Share ideas and create accountability to achieve your goals. Includes coaching and mentoring from Kristen Rzasa.

What Is A Hive?

HAYVN HIVES are small focused groups of HAYVN members who meet regularly to support one another in a mastermind experience. Your HIVE is a supportive environment where you will share ideas and create accountability to achieve your goals. Think of your HIVE as your own “Board of Directors” who will serve as a sounding board, provide different perspectives and offer insights.

Who Is Invited and How Do Hives Work?

  • Only HAYVN members are invited!
  • Register by March 18th to join a HIVE.
  • Attend our HIVE overview on 04/1/2022 at 10am with an in-person meeting at HAYVN to get an overview of the experience and structure for your meetings led by Kristen Rzasa, HAYVN Member and Life & Business Strategist.
  • Then you’ll be off and running with your HIVE. You’ll connect in groups of 4–5 with monthly meetings that continue over the course of 6 months.
  • Each group will decide their own day and time to meet, and can meet virtually or are welcome to gather at HAYVN.

Your Investment for This Six Month Program Is $100 and Includes:

  • Complimentary access to meeting rooms at our beautiful HAYVN location in Darien, CT
  • Continuous group support and coaching by Kristen Rzasa, HAYVN member and Life & Busines Growth Strategist
  • Access to end-of-program celebration party in August!

Have Questions?

Please email 📩 hello@hayvn.com or 📩 kristen@interplayhealth.com