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Experience growth like never before! Peer advisory groups of 6-8 owners meet monthly over six months.

Support, accountability and success. Coaching and mentoring from Kristen Rzasa and COMPEL CEOs.

It’s lonely at the top, but … you don’t have to “go it alone.”

What Is A Hive?

HAYVN HIVES and MASTER HIVES are small focused groups of HAYVN members who meet regularly to support one another in a mastermind experience. Your HIVE is a supportive environment where you will share ideas and create accountability to achieve your goals. Think of your HIVE as your own “Board of Directors” who will serve as a sounding board, provide different perspectives and offer insights.

  • Monthly Meetings are 3 hours each month
  • 6 professional presentations throughout the year
  • 6-8 business owners per group
  • In-person meetings @ HAYVN

Which Hive is Your Perfect Fit? HAYVN HIVES or MASTER HIVES

  • HAYVN HIVES is for smaller businesses with under six figures in revenue, solopreneurs or less than 5 employees, in growth stage. This group is facilitated by Kristen Rzasa.
  • MASTER HIVES is designed for businesses that gross $1 million+ revenue and 5 or more employees. This group is powered by Jamie Ramerini from COMPEL CEOs.
It was wonderful spending time together today. Those three hours were truly valuable and among the best I’ve had in the past few weeks! I want to express my gratitude to all of you for your helpful suggestions. This group is incredibly supportive!
Alice Lee-Daugavietis

Medi-Weightloss Clinic of Wilton & Stamford

Hear About Hives! Meet Kristen and Jamie!


  • The cost is $900* for 6 months with a 6-month minimum to join

    * Charter Members Only 

What You Get

  • Monthly facilitated roundtable discussions
  • Dedicated coach available for monthly individual coaching sessions for an additional fee
  • Presentations on hot topics in the business world featuring industry experts
  • Dedicated “board” of advisors” (your HIVE)
  • Exclusive HAYVN events designed just for HIVE members


*NEW* HAYVN HIVES Spring Cohort will be on Mondays from 1pm-4pm beginning March 18th!

  • Winter HIVES & MASTER HIVES cohorts meet once a month on Wednesdays at HAYVN from 10am-1pm.
    • Winter HAYVN HIVES started on January 10, 2024
    • Winter MASTER HIVES started on January 17, 2024

Typical Meeting Format: 3 hours

  • 10:00am:
    • Meet & Greet/Networking & Sign-In
  • 30 Minutes:
    • Check-ins: Review business & personal updates from Prior Month (~5 minutes/member)
  • 90 Minutes:
    • Executive Session begins with a group discussion based on business trends, any pressing business issues, updates or follow ups from prior meetings
  • 30 Minutes:
    • Best practices and theoretical questions to stimulate short-term innovation & change
      For example: If you were to start your business today, what would you do differently?
  • 15 Minutes
    • Closing Comments & Meeting wrap

Have Questions?

Please email ? communitymanager@hayvn.com or ? kristen@hayvn.com