What is a coworking space?

Great question! A coworking space is where people come to work on their own stuff (like their start-up business or client work). With their membership they share a space with like-minded, independent go-getters (like yourself).

What are the benefits of coworking?

So glad you asked! There are many, including fewer distractions (than at home with the laundry or at the coffee shop with never enough outlets), networking opportunities (because you’re working next to people doing similar stuff to you) and camaraderie (walk in, get a wave, feel the love).

Why create a women’s coworking space?

In a nutshell: The women who strike out on their own often work in isolation… And at times, they miss their coworkers’ companionship…the motivating morning chats over coffee, colorful brainstorming sessions at the whiteboard and “I’ve got this idea” exchanges. But put them around other women, who are also changing the world with their work, and they thrive. Ultimately, when women work in a beautiful space made just for them — where they can come together, collaborate and do great work — a little magic happens. That’s HAYVN. So, who is HAYVN? Find out here.

Can I try out HAYVN?

Yes! Come on in and hang with us for the day. We’ll show you around, visit a little then let you get to work.

Psst, it’s super easy to sign up.

How do your membership plans work?

We’ve designed our plans to make it easy for you to nestle into your HAYVN space. In fact, we’ve got it all laid out right here.

Can I host an event or meeting at HAYVN?

Sure thing. From your pitch party to networking extravaganza, we’ve got the perfect event space for you to dazzle your guests. Looking to host a meeting? You can reserve a conference room for your team or client gatherings. Our super-helpful HAYVN staff will have everything ready for you — from testing the tech to setting up your coffee bar. We’ll take care of the all the behind-the-scenes stuff, while you whisper-speak your presentation — one more time.

Are men welcome at HAYVN?

Absolutely! Men can be members too. Bring your male clients, co-workers or main man to HAYVN and do great work.

We think of HAYVN as a women-centric, inclusive space. That means we’re all about welcoming everyone into our sanctuary.

I’m worried about distractions? What do you think?

Women come to HAYVN with work to do. So…

We say “Hi” then let you get started. And if you’re feeling focus-challenged, pop in your earbuds with your favorite beta beats — works every time.

One other thing …

HAYVN women will tell you: they get more work done at HAYVN — in half the time. Sweet.

Learn more about how HAYVN works here.

How far in advance to I need to book a meeting room?

To play it safe and make sure your ideal space is available, book your meeting room 1-2 weeks in advance. Want to do a spontaneous meeting? Just talk to one of the HAYVN staff — if there’s a space available, it’s yours!

How do I reserve a HAYVN meeting space?

The easiest and quickest way to reserve your space is to give us a call. We’ll find out what you need and get you all set up.

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