Felicia Rubinstein and Nancy Sheed discuss HAYVN's plans on HAYVN Hubcast


HAYVN Founder Reflects and Reveals HAYVN’s Exciting Plans Ahead

When HAYVN founder, Felicia Rubinstein, started the HAYVN community in 2019 she was anticipating that nearly 30% of the workforce would be working remotely by 2030. She had no idea that Covid was on the horizon and would fast forward into hyper speed the drive to remote work.

While working from home used to sound like a dream come true for many. Post-Covid, many have discovered it’s not all we dreamed it would be. In this episode, Felicia shares how the women-centric business workspace and hybrid community she’s created is providing so much more than an escape from home.

HAYVN Highlights:

  • 3 Pillars of Focus – a new approach to work
  • How HAYVN is propelling women-led businesses forward
  • The magic of the HAYVN community
  • Various ways HAYVN is providing support, growth, and community

“I’m just trying to create the platform to find the magic not force it.” – Felicia Rubinstein, HAYVN Founder

The strength and magic behind HAYVN’s success and the HAYVN experience for so many women are Felicia’s ability to pivot quickly and remain open to the voices and needs of the women in the community.

This new version of the hybrid workspace has moved beyond the physical space and exists virtually. Members are making connections and supporting one another in ways that Felicia had no way to plan for or expect.

From sustainability groups to masterminds and educational programs to advance women entrepreneurs, HAYVN is evidence of what is possible when you set the table and welcome incredible people to join you.

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