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3 Steps to Better Money Habits and Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs with Galia Gichon

Financial literacy, personal finance, and investing may be words that make some cringe, but we can agree on their importance. In this episode, Nancy Sheed is speaking to HAVYN member and financial literacy expert, Galia Gichon where she shares three easy steps you can take today to help you gain control and confidence in making better financial decisions.

Gichon’s approach to personal finance can be found in the name of her website, Down to Earth Finance. She uses her 20 years of experience in finance and 10 years of experience on Wall Street to help women, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and anyone willing simplify their finances and feel more empowered.

You’ll hear why these 3 steps are so important and why they are a great place to start understanding your finances and the options available to you.

3 Key Steps to Better Money Habits:

  • Learn what investments you have (this is empowering)
  • Consolidate your investments (save on fees and frustrations)
  • Look at the Retirement Forecast Calculator (plan for the future)

Galia also shares how writing her first novel The Accidental Suffragist, a historical fiction, further fueled her love for female empowerment, values and mission. Also, in writing this book as a passion project, Galia learned the power of doing something for yourself. Her journey to becoming a published author started as a selfish time for herself to enjoy and be part of something different.

She’s now a big believer in feeding our inner desires and pursuing our passions can lead to new possibilities. You’ll never know if you don’t open up and explore your interests.

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