At HAYVN, we believe in the power of thought leadership within our community to empower our members. The HAYVN Mavens and other programs we offer are devoted to mentoring small businesses and remote employees that make up our coworking community. Members helping members is a win-win proposition. 

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

Always with an eye to refining our member services, HAYVN is dedicated to creating uplifting programming for the community as a benefit of membership — it’s something we love to do.

Our members consistently tell us they want:

  • Inspiration from other members who are experts in their fields.
  • Access to business-building information and resources.
  • Connections to other passionate professionals

HAYVN Mavens mentoring program facilitates these goals by matching members with thought leaders in our community who are vested in contributing to their growth.

“Great things happen when people help each other. The HAYVN experience empowers community members to connect with a dynamic network of over 160 diverse professionals all seeking to grow their businesses and improve their lives,” said Felicia Rubinstein, Chief Collaborator at HAYVN.

Many members who receive also give back. It’s a virtuous circle.

Mentoring Small Businesses with Local Thought Leadership

HAYVN Mavens are local entrepreneurs, non-profit and SBA counselors, and business owners who have experience in specific fields and have volunteered to help. A core element of the program is to transfer their thought leadership in different areas to mentees to get them started in the right direction.

“We draw on our deep well of talent from entrepreneurs in our community. It’s a great way for mentors and mentees to get to know one another,” said Felicia.

“Our Mavens generously offer their time to provide insights and connections based on their unique experience,” she added.

Mavens are available to answer questions, identify needed skills, provide services, and much more. Topics range from marketing and messaging to technology, law, brainstorming and finance.

HAYVN Maven in-house professionals

HAYVN members can schedule with Mavens directly from Each mentoring resource is available on a particular day of the week, for example, “Technology Tuesdays”.

HAVEN Mavens in Darien CT

The first sixty-minute session is free. These meetings foster a sense of community, sharing, and transfer of knowledge. This benefit is available to all HAYVN members. 

Thought Leadership Benefits Everyone at HAYVN

It’s easy to see how mentoring is a plus for the mentee. A UPS survey found that, “Seventy percent of small business owners that receive mentoring survive for five years or more.”

Mentoring is also a value to the mentor because they share in the benefits of the relationship. That’s true for mentoring too, according to the Marketing Insider Group: “The benefits of thought leadership start with brand affinity. By communicating thought leadership you become part of the conversation, early in the consumer journey.”

Then, of course, there is the positive energy that accrues simply from helping others. “The mere intent and commitment to generosity can stimulate neural change and make people happier,” according to an article in Psychology Today. This means that you help yourself when you help others.

“I joined HAYVN because it’s not just an incredible place to work safely. It’s a place where you can help others grow to grow your business,” said Shannon Daniels, Founder & CEO of encaptiv.

“My experience with the HAYVN Mavens has been great. It’s all about working with a member and seeing them apply the knowledge and advice and see their business grow,” Daniels added.

Mentoring Small Business: Tech is Core to HAYVN’s Mission

HAYVN has been on the leading edge of blended work arrangements from inception. Technology helps provide a seamless experience for HAYVN members no matter where they choose to work. This works for mentoring, too!

In a world where we have endured a global pandemic for almost a year, some people are working in the coworking space in-person if they are comfortable with social distancing measures HAYVN has in place. HAYVN holds several get-togethers each month that bring people together in very safe conditions.

For private meetings, space is booked online for one-hour increments or by the full day or half-day. Building access is controlled from an app giving members 24×7 safe access to private offices, desks and meeting rooms. Around the coworking space, MOLEKULE air filters purify the air up to 1,000 square feet!

There are also programs offered digitally and virtual office services available for those who prefer to work from home or elsewhere remotely but still value being be a part of the HAYVN community and its many benefits.

Life will never return to pre-pandemic routines and the work from anywhere mentality we have all endured will become the prevalent model for businesses of all sizes. HAYVN will be right here for you as we all reinvent new ways to work. And we will continue to provide technologies to access our thought leaders from anywhere.” concluded Felicia.

Join the HAYVN community to meet our thought leaders and start growing your business today.

HAYVN Coworking

Founded in 2018, HAYVN is a flexible workspace for enterprising women (and men) to connect, create and grow. Along with a vibrant & engaged coworking community of entrepreneurs and business professionals, HAYVN is a business HUB, offering short- and long-term office space leases, meeting rooms rentals, and events to support local businesses. HAYVN is proud to be a Certified B Corporation™ and a CTNext partner. We believe in using the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy and have met the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. HAYVN’s workshops and signature programs encourage women of all colors and ages and acts as an incubator for developing skills and pursuing funding. HAYVN Launch incubator is a 2021 winner of the SBA's Growth Accelerator Fund Competition (GAFC), and the only 2021 winner in Connecticut. 

Visit our beautiful safe ‘HAYVN’ in Fairfield County, CT  at 320 Boston Post Road, Darien, CT, 06820.  Arrange a private tour today, or to learn more about our health and safety response, read through our detailed guidelines here.

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