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Compass Darien real estate agents at HAYVN Coworking’s atrium building lobby in Fairfield County.

In the Covid era, Fairfield County’s housing market has seen rapid growth as close to 40,000 people have moved to the area in 2020*. The Compass real estate brokerage has rocketed to the top of the industry by bringing together top broker talent with modern technology setting the firm up for success. Capturing the opportunity requires office space and amenities for agents who spend more time out of the office than in.

Last year, Compass moved its 30+ Fairfield County agents to “office” at HAYVN Coworking Community. Each of the agents has found their own unique way to fit HAYVN into their daily workflow.

Setting Up A World Class Coworking Real Estate Office

Elizabeth Stribling-Kivlan real estate agent

Elizabeth Stribling-Kivlan
Sr. Managing Director, Real Estate

“We’ve reinvented the real estate industry with an intuitive technology platform that is both agent and consumer-focused,” said Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan, Senior Managing Director, Real Estate for Compass Real Estate’s New York City and Connecticut operations.

“Our agents are professional advisors who work with everyone from first-time buyers to seasoned home sellers make better, more informed decisions. We needed flexible office space for our Fairfield County agents, and HAYVN provides the space and resources they need to succeed in a community that embraces technology,” Elizabeth Ann added.

The Agent’s Perspective

“The opportunity in Fairfield County is huge and I need a place to center my efforts,” Elizabeth Ann said. “I spend two days a week in Manhattan and two days a week in Fairfield County at HAYVN. “HAYVN has so much to offer me and our team of about 30 agents.”

Andrea Kostanecki real estate image

Andrea Kostanecki
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Andrea Kostanecki, one of the Compass’ top-producing agents in the Darien/Rowayton market says she likes working at HAYVN because of the entrepreneurial spirit of everyone. 

Andrea was one of the first to return to the coworking space when restrictions were lifted. It beat working from home with all the office resources, “There is good energy here and a great community. Sometimes, I sit at the public desks to meet other people who are working at HAYVN.”

Sometimes HAYVN offers an escape. “I do a lot of my work from home, but there are times when I need fewer distractions,” noted Rachel Walsh in an earlier interview about her coworking experience.

In summarizing the interviews with Elizabeth Ann and Andrea, we found 10 good reasons why HAYVN’s coworking space is ideal for their agents.

Top 10 Reasons Real Estate Agents Like HAYVN Coworking

Summarizing the interviews with Elizabeth Ann and

  1. An opportunity to mirror our heritage. Compass is known for our technology-supported research-oriented acumen. HAYVN offers all the infrastructure technology and equipment needed to realize our mission.
  2. Flexibility to pop in and out of the office, as work requires. This is ideal for the bustling, variable work life of a real estate agent.HAYVN Amenities for Real Estate Agents
  3. Community-building opportunities at HAYVN help our agents connect with our new community in Connecticut.
  4. The people are very friendly and HAYVN has wonderful, carefully curated events to bring us all together.
  5. We are surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs. Everyone is here to achieve success, network, and meet new people in a safe way.
  6. HAYVN offers a wide range of amenities designed to offer a “one stop shop.”
  7. Conducive workspace for productivity and to meet clients.
  8. It is a very safe space, both socially and physically. This is absolutely the most important and differentiating workspace factor these days.
  9. Authenticity. They care about curb and community appeal. The people at HAYVN are honest, communicative and transparent.
  10. Trust. Members feel enough trust to come in and meet new people. It is very easy to see the world from different lenses.

There is always something going on at HAYVN and Compass agents are a big part of the community.

“HAYVN focuses on people because a community is at the center of business. People and community are what makes businesses tick,” said Felicia Rubinstein, HAYVN’s founder. “We love helping Compass agents connect to our community to create the HAYVN Magic in Fairfield County’s bustling real estate market.”

*The Hartford Courant noted that 5,082 New Yorkers switched their address to Connecticut in March 2020 alone.

HAYVN Coworking

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