HAYVN’s Must­-Have Technology and Safety for Coworking

Our up-to-date technology, secure high-speed Internet, and meshed WiFi lets members safely connect and collaborate with others. Also letting us support the anywhere operations of members and visitors when at HAYVN.

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Dedicated Fiber Line

Offering HAYVN’s members reliable, high-speed internet connection for their laptop and portable devices with fast upload/download speeds for mission-critical work.


Redundant Internet

A secondary connection running on a different backbone from HAYVN’s dedicated fiber line is ready to kick in should there be an internet outage to keep us up and running.


A Secure Firewall and Web Filter

Proactively protects our users and network from unsafe malicious web content, software, and spyware creating a safe and clean digital environment to work within.


Network Isolation for a Private Connection

HAYVN’s network segmentation offers secure private connections to prevent an intruder from propagating exploits or laterally moving around an internal network.


Both Hardwire and WiFi Options

Each dedicated or private office at HAYVN offers both  — hardwired connections for heavy-duty operations plus WiFi to support multiple inputs and outputs. Both are wins for high speed, low latency, stability, and security.


Private VLAN Can Be Requested

HAYVN offers an extra level of security and port isolation which allows for the primary VLAN and secondary VLAN(s) switch ports to be kept separate from each other if desired.


Network is designed specifically for Coworking requirements

Your work is meaningful and your needs and routine vary. HAYVN has the technology to support every member of our community’s workflow.


High Speed Business Class Meshed WiFi

HAYVN’s meshed secure WiFi system operate at top-notch business speed and allowing members to move around the facility without their call dropping.


VoIP Plans Available

Need a phone? HAYVN is ready to set up a broadband Internet connection for your calls instead of an analog phone line.

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