Shows atrium view from Sheffield Conference Room

Overlook from HAYVN’s Sheffield Conference Room

2020 has been a pretty bleak period for in-person meetings. Even so, here at HAYVN in Darien, CT we are now beginning to see demand for safe, flexible meeting and conference rooms that offer social distancing as people seek to get out of the house. Coworking spaces can provide a safe, workable solution for meeting room rentals. We all adapted to working from home in short order last march March. Companies like Zoom have seen a dramatic increase in adoption, as people turn to technology to communicate. In March there were 27 million mobile downloads for Zoom alone.

Video Chat Apps on the Rise. Source: Statista, March 2020

After six months, many people still share a single home internet connection between 4-5 family members. Bedrooms, dining rooms, dens and living rooms have transformed into informal workspaces and meeting rooms. It is not sustainable.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses need meeting space outside the home. There are times when virtual meetings from home are just not going to cut it. Bigger companies also need overflow or remote space also as larger workplaces reopen. When adopting new and safe protocols to keep employees healthy, there is not always enough space for everyone on a given day.

It’s All Coming Back: Coworking Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

We’re not out of the woods yet, but it is good to see people begin to return to a semblance of normalcy in our daily routines. By addressing room density and usage, coworking spaces like HAYVN are well-poised to serve those looking for fully-functional rooms to hold small meetings. Interviews with HAYVN members provided insights into creating the strict safety measures and room layout adjustments that were made to make people feel comfortable. Here are the ways we have rethought HAYVN to make it safe and accommodating.  

Huddle / Podcast Room

HAYVN Podcast Huddle Room

HAYVN’s Huddle/Podcast Room is ideal for podcasting or socially distanced two-person meetings.

  • Then: This room is excellent for creating Podcasts or just for 5 people meetings
  • Now: The room is ideal for podcasting or two-person socially distanced meetings. When you need complete noise reduction and sound-proofing for your live online broadcasting sessions, this is an alternative to renting a studio.

Mini Meeting Room

Mini Meeting Room

HAYVN’s Mini Meeting Room perfect for one person for conference calls and virtual meetings.

  • Then: This small space is a perfect space for a one-on-one meeting or a long conference call.
  • Now: This private and compact room is perfect for one-person to attend virtual meetings or conference calls.

Sheffield Conference Room

Sheffield large conference room

Socially distancing in HAYVN’s Sheffield large conference room, can be flexibly arranged to safely seat up to 7 people socailly distanced.

  • Then: Large conference room – beautiful views, flexible for workshops, can seat up to 25 people.
  • Now: Large conference room – beautiful views, flexible for mini-workshops, can seat up to 5-7 people. Management meetings can be done in-person following social distancing measures.

Pear Tree – The Living Room

Socially distancing in HAYVN's Pear Tree Living Room

HAYVN’s Pear Tree Living Room, comfortably socially distances 3 people.

  • Then: A comfortable meeting room as if you were sitting in your own home entertaining. Seats 10 people.
  • Now: A comfortable meeting room as if you were sitting in your own home entertaining. Seats 3 people. Perfect for exploratory meetings.

Long Neck Conference Room

Long Neck conference room at HAYVN, Darien CT

HAYVN’s Long Neck Conference Room socially distances 3 to 4 people around the table.

  • Then: Beautiful light-filled room for quiet meetings – seats ten around a table, WIFI access, large monitor.
  • Now: Beautiful light-filled room for quiet meetings – seats 3-4 around a table, WIFI access, large screen monitor – perfect for small BoD meetings, training, or project kickoffs.

Unpacking Meeting Room and Conference Room Usage

Graph of meeting group size usage

Percentage of Usage by Meeting Group Size. Source:

A recent study by found that:

  • Only one person occupies conference rooms 36% percent of the time 
  • 86% of meetings had fewer than seven attendees
  • 14% of sessions had seven or more attendees

Key Takeaways:

  • HAYVN reduced its maximum room occupancy by more than 50% to ensure our facility does not exceed recommended limits.
  • By size, HAYVN can accommodate 86% of meetings held according to research.

Four Reasons why this Safe HAYVN in Darien is a great place to hold your meetings

Safe Venue and Meeting Space

HAYVN is flexibly-designed for long-term safety. We have taken steps to maintain healthy business operations and workspace. HAYVN common areas and meeting rooms are sanitized throughout the day to be safe to use for the following users. 

HAYVN has incorporated social distancing in its space utilization plan, following and exceeding – local state safety measures.

Reliable Technology Infrastructure

HAYVN helps you run successful hybrid meetings (mixed virtual and in-person) using commercial grade WIFI and large screen monitors for virtual business conferencing needs.

Convenient Location

Conveniently located on the Post Road, HAYVN is just 9 minutes (6.7 miles) from downtown Stamford via I95. The Darien MetroNorth train station is five minutes away by car (1.1 Miles). 

Affordable and Flexible Rentals

Social distancing need not be a show-stopper. Meeting and conference rooms can be rented at a range of $35-$125/hr.

Getting Back to Work

Holding in-person meetings and hybrid events is beginning to make a comeback as more businesses adjust their on-site and remote work policies. Entrepreneurs and companies needing space can take advantage of the various options offered by coworking facilities like HAYVN. 

Rebooting your operations can be stressful and sometimes you need alternative resources. Consider renting meeting rooms and conference rooms by the hour. Renting includes access to business amenities that meet or exceed local state health and safety measures. 

HAYVN, the perfect socially-responsible meeting venue in Darien, CT is open for business. Book a tour.

HAYVN Coworking

Founded in 2018, HAYVN is a flexible workspace for enterprising women (and men) to connect, create and grow. Along with a vibrant & engaged coworking community of entrepreneurs and business professionals, HAYVN is a business HUB, offering short- and long-term office space leases, meeting rooms rentals, and events to support local businesses. HAYVN is proud to be a Certified B Corporation™ and a CTNext partner. We believe in using the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy and have met the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. HAYVN’s workshops and signature programs encourage women of all colors and ages and acts as an incubator for developing skills and pursuing funding. HAYVN Launch incubator is a 2021 winner of the SBA's Growth Accelerator Fund Competition (GAFC), and the only 2021 winner in Connecticut. 

Visit our beautiful safe ‘HAYVN’ in Fairfield County, CT  at 320 Boston Post Road, Darien, CT, 06820.  Arrange a private tour today, or to learn more about our health and safety response, read through our detailed guidelines here.

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