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While the pandemic profoundly disrupted planning for 2020, putting a premium on agility and innovation, now is the time for planning again. This month, several of our members who coach people to seek and achieve individual peak performance are conducting HAYVN Halftime sessions. Their focus is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners build on last year and plan for personal and business success in 2021. 

This past year’s disruption led to a necessity for innovation with what people had at their disposal. Homes were turned into makeshift offices, and the way many businesses have gotten work done has changed. As the New Year begins, questions remain unanswered and unforeseen challenges remain ahead. But savvy business leaders understand that planning for the future is a key element of success.

Future Planning

Future planning is a good opportunity to improve your leadership mindset, practice goal setting, and learn some new skills. As difficult as it was last year, HAYVN members have been inspirational in how they used creative problem-solving to create new circumstances out of the pandemic reality. Now, it is time to look to the future with HAYVN programming to kick the year off.

Businesses have so many options available to help them expand or change the way they do things. Digital tools such as social media, virtual platforms such as Zoom, and coworking spaces are still some of the most popular ways to find new business in the new year. “Social media can be an effective marketing tool to grow your business,” says Adam Coughlin of Business.com.

So, what business tools and techniques are going to be most prevalent in 2021 plans?

In putting the 2021 kick-off HAYVN Halftime program together, it was interesting to hear from these entrepreneurs. Not only are they in the business of coaching others on strategies for success, but they also plan to share how they utilize these techniques in their own businesses.  

Overcome Negative Self-Talk

Whether looking for a new daily focus, a new career or the next new lifestyle opportunity, the value of moving from circular, negative self-talk into action is so important. Many find that by changing the narrative, resetting for a positive transition in the New Year is more manageable.


The Summit logoThe New Year offers a tremendous time for self-reflection. Sheilah Crowley coaches women by asking the question, “What’s next for me?”

Crowley says, “2020 has been both a tumultuous time and also a time for reflection. Living amidst Covid-19 we have an even greater opportunity to ask – what are my values, what do I really care about and how can I share my best self.”

Sheilah Crowley, Founder of The Summit

These are the questions that lie at the core of re-starts and career reinventions, she adds. 

As far as her own plans go, Crowley says she’ll focus on using a direct outreach. She notes, “I plan on increasing awareness of my business by doubling down on finding complementary service partners who already have the eyes and ears of customers that can benefit from coaching.”

Sheila led “Starting with Small Steps in 2021,” which aired on HAYVN.com January 5 @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm. Watch it now on HAYVN’s Youtube Channel.

Goal Setting for Future Results

If you want to set meaningful, impactful goals you have to invest some time in goal setting. While circumstances may seem insurmountable, Lisa Corrado believes there’s always a way to move forward. Stating your goals publicly is a great way to force accountability upon yourself. 

Lisa is a coach who helps entrepreneurs get out of their own way so they take consistent action that matters and get the results they want.

Lisa relayed a story on her blog about her golf coach who told her to think about what she wanted, not what she didn’t want. “If you say to yourself ‘Don’t miss the cup,’ all your mind hears is ‘miss the cup,’ and that’s what happens. Instead, think something positive like ‘right in the hole.’” https://lisacorrado.com/ask-for-what-you-want/

“Damned if I didn’t become a better putter,” she adds.


Lisa Corrado logo“This year, I look forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and creating a much larger digital presence. This means diving into the world of Facebook communities, Kajabi, and consistent social media, as well as building a team that lets me focus on what I do best. 2021 is all about taking last year’s growth and amplifying it!”

Lisa Corrado, Entrepreneur Coach

Lisa is leading, “How to Set Goals Like a Rockstar,” which airs on HAYVN.com January 14 @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm.

Learn Something New: Facebook Advertising

Today, marketing requires a human touch, but many drop the ball when it comes to this. As a result, brands miss an opportunity to reach their target audience on a genuine level, according to HAYVN member Valerie Chernetskyy.

Valerie Chernetskyy

Valerie runs the creative marketing firm Chic Bytes, which empowers underrepresented brands in the health, wellness, and social impact segments to grow through innovative and data-driven marketing. Valerie delivers marketing management, including graphic design, custom illustration and digital strategies designed to address ideal customer needs and create custom audiences for ad campaigns.

Valerie Chernetskyy, Creative Director/Founder Chic Bytes LLC

Examples of topics she will cover include:

  • How to create a compelling offer that connects your ads to an airtight lead generation funnel
  • How to establish tracking systems and focus on the right metrics to optimize ads for both mobile and desktop experiences
  • How to leverage different ad types such as video and animated GIF to A/B test and optimize ad visuals

Top Facebook Ad Strategies for Your Business in 2021” airs on HAYVN.com January 19 @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm.

Develop a Plan for Personal and Business Success In 2021

Getting a handle on your business plans for the year can help entrepreneurs achieve a better work/life balance and success. Developing a plan breaks goals down into smaller, more achievable actions designed to keep your business on track. This helps you regulate your activities and establish benchmarks to check in on periodically and track your progress.

We are looking forward to HAYVN Halftime to kick off the year as we all seek to improve our leadership, practice goal-setting, and develop some new skills. By applying this framework to your company you will see how much more attainable your big audacious goals for 2021 become. 

Become a digital and social member and start planning for 2021 yourself!

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