Join Us Tuesdays and Thursdays 12pm for Our …

Virtual lunch meeting featuring experts and insights to keep you and your business going. At each “meeting” you’ll get 20 mins of an “expert” presentation and 10 minutes of community Q&A.


Visit our event calendar to get a full listing of all the HAYVN Half Time events and other programs at HAYVN.


Missed an event? Watch past HALF TIME’s on HAYVN’s YouTube channel.

Please contact us with questions, or if you’re interested in being a HAYVN HALF TIME expert. 

Words from our community about HAYVN HALF TIME

“It’s been so nice to build new relationships through HAYVN HALF-TIME, new friends, new conversations and lots of valuable information.”

Leslie Lawrence
VP, Business Development, J.W. Allen Co. Inc.

“When the organization I worked for closed (forever) on March 31, Felicia immediately reached out to me and invited me to participate in HAYVN HALFTIME – it was a welcomed virtual hug. The noon meetings have been invaluable providing structure, a sense of community and a lot of food-for-thought as I pivot professionally. HAYVN HALFTIME is a cornerstone of my COVID-19 work-from-home experience. Thank you Felicia & Team!!”

Cynthia R. Lyon
Program Design + Facilitator + Strategic Alliances

“Just what I need to keep my business moving forward”

“I still feel connected to the HAYVN community”

“A lifesaver or a lifeline”