How women can shape the future through angel investing on HAYVN Hubcast

Angel investing is an empowering way for women to shape their financial futures as well as the futures of new startups and budding enterprises. They get to choose and be selective in the companies they will invest in, and they can choose which companies best reflect their own values.

While there is a fairly low barrier of entry to be an accredited investor for angel investing, it’s still a  high-risk endeavor, which is why groups like Tidal River are extremely helpful. Tidal River is a Connecticut based angel investor network for women, and in this episode we’ll hear from the managing partners of the Tidal River Funds, a member-driven fund for accredited investors focused on early stage companies that champion diversity and equity.

Chris Gelnaw, an angel investor and independent consulting professional, brings a wealth of experience in growing early-stage and mid-market companies. With her expertise in product/market fit, market sizing, and product launches, she provides valuable insights and actionable strategies to companies across various sectors.

Galia Gichon, an independent personal financial expert, has a diverse background spanning corporate bond research, personal finance, angel investing, and entrepreneurship. As an angel investor, Galia actively supports women-led and impact startups, while also providing independent personal finance education through her company, Down to Earth Finance.

Key Points in this episode:

  • Angel investing has become a more accessible financial endeavor.
  • The importance of being educated about what angel investing is.
  • How to manage and mitigate risks when angel investing.

“We want to empower women to make their own financial investment decisions.” – Chris Gelnaw

Join us as Chris and Galia share their insights and experiences, empowering women to make informed financial investment choices.

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