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Why Good Graphic Design Is a Necessity for Any Small Business

The visual appeal of your business is of the highest importance to your success. Branding and logo design are certainly part of your visual story, but they’re not all of it. When it comes to visual assets or visual content, good graphic design can take small brands to big brands.

Kim Barron, a 20+ year graphic design professional, art director, and owner of New Leaf Graphic Design, explains what good design is and why it matters to even the smallest and newest of businesses.

Why Graphic Design Matters to Your Business:

  • It’s the way your business communicates with your potential customers
  • It’s what people say about your brand when you’re not around
  • It’s visual and creative and beautiful, and also intentional and impactful
  • It’s able to adapt to the changing and growing needs of your business

“I help my clients to communicate their messages to their constituents in a graphic way.” -Kim Barron

Growing her graphic design business has been an interesting and sometimes circuitous journey for Kim and it’s also been enjoyable and rewarding. Starting with an agency and eventually creating her own company, Kim also helped HAYVN launch with its very distinct and engaging branding and graphic design and has found several clients at HAYVN as well.

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