Dr. Leonaura Rhodes chats Why Engagement Is Key to Wellness on HAYVN Hubcast

The fundamental pillars of well-being and mental and emotional health can be easily ignored when you’re building your business. Sacrificing hours of sleep and self-care in the name of hustle culture can often lead to less productivity and is rarely the best path to peak performance.

This episode’s guest, Dr. Leonaura Rhodes, is a physician that found greater alignment with wellness and coaching than treating patients. Her career journey has been circuitous by way of being an official coach for Tony Robbins for a period of time before starting her own business leading as an Executive Coach and Corporate Wellness Trainer.

“Stress management, wellness, energy, all of those things come up in almost every session, it’s really the core of everything.” -Dr. Leonaura Rhodes

Leonaura shares a few of the wellness components she coaches on that lead to better outcomes for employees and entrepreneurs that want peak performance.

Key discussion points about well-being in the workplace:

  • Lack of resiliency skills lead to falling apart when it’s hard
  • Stress management is a problem that can no longer be ignored
  • Engagement is one of the seven pillars of wellness

“Health and career are not in silo, they’re all intertwined, you can’t ignore the health and wellness aspect.” -Dr. Leonaura Rhodes 

Engagement isn’t one of those things you typically consider being part of peak performance, but Leonaura explains why it’s crucial. Like many other entrepreneurs, the pain points that she is coaching people through are pain points she too suffered in her journey. As a trained physician, Leonaura  connects the health and wellness aspect to the hard skills we often lean on and admire to thrive and succeed

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