VentureMom Businesses for Women by Women chats with Holly Hurd on HAYVN Hubcast

Realizing that for many women entrepreneurs their businesses were their babies, Holly Hurd wanted to learn how they managed. So she began profiling women owned businesses for her book, Venture Mom: From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks. After years meeting and interviewing hundreds of female owned businesses, she ultimately founded community and marketplace for women owned businesses calling it VentureMom.

Holly loves supporting moms and women with their entrepreneurship journeys and making their dreams into reality.

“My whole mission is to inspire every woman out there to start her own business.” – Holly Hurd

Key Points to Remember:

  • Community is crucial in building a successful business
  • Many moms are starting businesses organically
  • There is always more to learn in your product or service progression

Holly explains how much HAYVN and VentureMoms align in the pursuit of helping female owned businesses. Admittedly, the life of an entrepreneur can be extremely isolating, but communities like HAYVN and VentureMom work hard to keep women connected to the resources and support they need.

“You win just by being a part of it, because you’re getting your story out there.” – Holly Hurd

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