Unlock the Power of Purpose

What does it mean to have a business purpose and why defining a purpose is so relevant for Small and Medium-size Enterprises in today’s world? In this webinar Silvina Skverer and Soledad Matteozzi of Thinking Beyond Business will go through:

  • Overcome the challenges of the pandemic by redefining your business purpose
  • Create meaning, redefine success, and feel empowered
  • Develop meaningful connections with your main stakeholders and open the door for new business opportunities
  • Grow your business by incorporating purpose as an integrated element of your strategy
  • Stand out from the competition by offering more than just a product or service
  • Take home our Purpose Basic Questionnaire and start your journey to sustainability

About Thinking Beyond Business:
Thinking Beyond Business offers simple, easy to implement, and effective tools to help small businesses and entrepreneurs develop their own Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, a must-have in today’s conscious world. We are a team of committed professionals with backgrounds in business and law, that are passionate about sustainability. We offer personalized service, working side by side with you to help you redefine your business by finding a meaningful purpose that connects your business with a broader audience. We promise a boost of energy for you and your team because having a purpose helps you navigate all types of oceans, no matter how rough the current is.