Create Momentum with Your To-Don’t List

Everyone’s got a To-Do list. But do you have a To-Don’t List?

A To-Don’t List is a powerful way to get clear on all the ways you’re wasting precious time & energy. Items on your To-Don’t list can really trip you up when you’re trying to move forward – they can even keep you from crossing the finish line at all.

In this session, participants will:

  • Learn how to identify the activities and thought processes that get in the way of progress
  • Connect with how they’re wasting valuable time & energy
  • Commit to giving up these roadblocks so they can move forward more easily

It’s time to spring clean how you take action! Join us to get started on your To-Don’t List.

About Lisa:
Lisa Corrado is a coach who works with women business owners to help them get out of their own way by connecting with their values, conquering limiting beliefs, getting crystal-clear on the results they want and strategies to make it happen. Learn more at