Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Carol Cheswick

In recent years, there’s been a growing number of startups and entrepreneurs with brilliant business ideas, but often they have to figure out the aspects of starting a business themselves, like where to get funding, how to write business plans, how to record their finances, or how to market their business. Our guest today knows all about these questions and has experience working with entrepreneurs to help grow their business.

Carol Cheswick has 30 years of experience in finance, marketing, investing, and executive consulting. She’s a Business Specialist with the Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC).  Since joining the WBDC in 2012, Carol has been responsible for teaching GPS – Guide to Plan for Success program – to aspiring business owners who seek to start a small business and to make their vision a reality. She also conducts one-on-one counseling for the WBDC, helping individuals on specific business and career challenges.

Key points discussed in this episode are:

  • How startups can get funding
  • The importance of understanding your business’s finances
  • How business advisors and mentors can help you grow your business

“It’s amazing how many people call me and say, I’m an entrepreneur and I’m lonely. And I don’t have anyone to talk about my business with.” – Carol Cheswick

Carol explains the work of WBDC, their services, and how they’ve been helping and supporting women with their businesses and taking it to the next level. Carol also shares the importance of organizations like WBDC and spaces like HAYVN in providing support and community, making the entrepreneurship journey less lonely.

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