Taking Ownership of Your Career Path with Simone Morris on HAYVN Hubcast

Over the past few years, with movements such as the great resignation and quiet quitting, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in work culture and corporate America. The norms we had accepted are now unacceptable, and the call for work-life balance is even louder. While this change is welcome, the shift in the landscape can be tricky to navigate. More conversations around professional life need to happen, and that’s exactly what we’re doing in this episode.

Listen in to Simone Morris who talks about choosing the direction of your career and inclusivity in the workplace. She started Simone Morris Enterprises, a certified minority, and women-owned business that provides transformative leadership solutions through coaching, consulting, and training services, and is the author of 52 Tips for Owning Your Career.

“Sometimes we can be so busy with work and other people’s priorities that we fall to the bottom of our list.” -Simone Morris

What needs happen for us to have the career we want, and as a result, bring a shift in the work culture? Here are three changes Simone says must happen:

  • Know what you want out of your career and define your mission and values.
  • Take ownership of your career; no one else is responsible for it but you.
  • Change has to also come from the management and leaders of organizations.

“It’s a journey, and we’ll forgive those who are taking longer to get it. But know that not everybody is at the same place on the journey.” -Simone Morris

While there is still a long way to go to change the professional landscape, Simone shares that the journey is different for each individual and organization. We’re all at different points in our journey, so stay on your path and keep on making those significant next steps.

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