Stories from Startups in Sustainability with Mike Gellar & Heather Terry

A lively conversation on how two CT-based market leaders have navigated their early-stage companies into formidable brands across the increasingly crowded space of sustainability-driven food brands and retailers, in Fairfield County and beyond.

Our two experts from Mike’s Organic and GoodSAM Foods will share their stories of inspiration and challenge to determination and success on how sustainability-driven products can truly create actionable change with commitment!

Topics include:

  • How embedding sustainability with transparency in the consumer realm of products can empower your business growth… beyond just profits.
  • Learn the growing role of how sustainable food systems support today’s critical food issues though the real stewards of our land, the small landholder farmers.
  • Understanding early-stage sustainable-driven food product trends, who the customer is, how influential is the marketing, and what matters in sustainable-driven customer loyalty…..while growing an early-stage food business.
  • Integrating sustainability efforts is no longer just about the company mission…it’s action and results. What are the success stories, and does sustainability play an influential role in early stage market growth?