Responsible Fashion: Re-Fashioning Your Future with Conscious Consumption…The Resale of Clothing

Learning the tenants of responsible fashion with low waste living featuring  Haley Lieberman and Laurine Grere Osborne

Come join what is certain to be a lively conversation on how two CT-based market leaders have navigated the fragmented landscape and value of sustainable fashion’s clothing resale sector. From supply chains and related “reverse logistics” in clothing resale, to changing behavior with conscious consumption habits, and a massive clothing waste crisis that has spread around the world.

Diverse Topics of Impact will include:

  1. Learn a fascinating update on the clothing materials that directly affect this industry’s over production issues, and what is being done to reduce the production of manufacturing too much clothing! It starts with readapting materials with a new purpose of usage…that covers the mass-market to luxury sustainable fashion.
  2. Understanding today’s evolving definition of “conscious resale” – what is trending as the most sought-after resold or readapted clothing materials? Where can you buy or sell them, what is the pricing model for sellers?
  3. Far beyond clothing materials, discover how responsible fashion has inspired proven behavioral change within the much-touted “low waste, circular” lifestyle. Who is the customer and what have they changed in their consumption habits…not just in keeping their clothes longer, but also in overall lifestylein and out of the home.
  4. Global Clothing Waste Crisis – find out how our overburdened U.S. landfills are handling 10+ million tons of annually thrown out clothes, (they are not biodegradable), and where they are also shipped these materials internationally, e.g Ghana and other third world countries.
  5. Buzzwords of the Decade – Sustainability, Regeneration, Net Zero, Low Waste Living, Conscious Living…how are they differently defined? And who are the major brands leveraging these terms in what remains a small niche sector of their overall clothing business…think Patagonia, Allbirds, LVMH/Nona…and many more.