Quest for a Sustainable Future in Design & Build Trends

with Kate Brooks, Interior Designer at Kate Brooks Studio LLC, Benjamin Bogie, COO at BPC Green Builders, and Elizabeth DiSalvo at Trillium Architects

Enjoy a lively discussion on taking actionable change with the insights shared from two of the State’s leading sustainability experts in the green building sector.

  • Reducing Your Carbon Emissions – Learn the most important ways that you can affect the built or home environment for supporting CT’s Decarbonization Goal by 2030.
  • Design for Circularity – Source and refurbish to adapt repurposed materials into a new output of function with style in the built space.
  • Learn the core principles of “living” design from the inside, across sustainable furnishings and diverse materials.
  • Integrating Sustainability into a Digitally Driven Lifestyle, who is attracted and what are the styles that will influence tomorrow’s green building and residential design.
  • Creating Buildings that Give More then they Take – How do you justify the investment in the built or home environment?

Learn About Our Speakers:

Kate Brooks is Principal Designer & Owner of Kate Brooks Studio LLC. She practices residential and commercial interior design from conceptual phase, including full building renovations, additions, finishes and decorative items placement. Her focus includes sustainable, environmentally and socially responsibly made furniture and furnishings. Lowest chemical content and organic materials are chosen for a healthy and safe indoor air quality. Preference given to materials and furniture made in the US (ideally the Tri-state area) to minimize the carbon footprint. Learn more: Website, Instagram

Benjamin Bogie is COO at BPC Green Builders with more than 20 years experience. Named one of the industry’s top “40 under 40” in 2018 by Professional Remodeler magazine, he has become a staple author for industry publications as well as a national speaker/teacher on building best practices at trade shows, private seminars, and web-based media. “Ben is a widely recognized thought-leader in the home building community and is on the leading edge of the movement toward healthy, high-performance, low-carbon homes.” – Fine Homebuilding Magazine. Learn more: LinkedIn, BPC Green Builders

Elizabeth DiSalvo is a practicing Architect. She created the firm Trillium Architects in 2004 with the mission of designing only sustainable homes. Having grown up in the industry, she has experience in both ‘High-End Residential Design’ and designing, building and living in natural houses such as ‘Off-the-Grid, Passive Solar, Straw Bale, and Earthships’. With this unique combination of skills, Elizabeth brings a depth of knowledge to the creation of Sustainable, High Value Homes. Currently a firm of 12, Trillium Architects has been designing ONLY energy efficient, healthy and earth friendly, high end homes throughout Fairfield, Litchfield and Westchester Counties for 20 years and specializes in LEED, Passive House and Net Zero Homes represented through sophisticated design. Learn more: Trillium Architects