Dr. Katherine Saunders of Intellihealth chats effective specialized obesity solutions on HAYVN Hubcast


Dr. Katherine Saunders co-founder of Intellihealth creating specialized support for effective obesity solutions

Today Nancy is talking with Dr. Katherine Saunders. She is an obesity medicine physician at Weill Cornell Medicine. She specializes in the care of patients with obesity and weight-related medical complications.

Dr. Saunders is also a co-founder of Intellihealth, a healthcare technology company whose mission is to scale and democratize access to effective obesity treatment. Her husband brings his tech and entrepreneurial experience to the team.

Katherine sheds light on the large gap between healthcare professionals and those who need the specialized support. While the numbers are staggering, she is optimistic. The conversation around obesity is changing from “eat less, move more” and that shift is creating more opportunities for new solutions.

Find out why they use a two-pronged approach. They are working with patients and are also dedicated to educating and supporting practitioners who want to have other options for those they treat.

Like all of us, COVID required changing how Katherine worked with her patients. Using online consultations is now widely accepted and it means she can help even more people.

Katherine outlines first steps that people can take if weight loss is part of their health goals. It’s not (just) about food. They start with a comprehensive analysis that includes health, diet, medications, lifestyle and other concerns. It’s important to know it’s never just one thing.

As a busy mom, Katherine is splitting her time with family, treating patients and working in the company. She also shares how winning HAYVN Hatch opened up many opportunities. As she explains “there’s such a need among women to have a support system” and that’s what she’s found with her women peers.

What’s next? Direct to consumer support is part of the future at Intellihealth. That will allow Katherine and her team to help people who don’t have access to care in their local community.

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