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How to Set Effective Goals and Plan for Pitfalls

Small business owners suffer many of the same pains and fail for many of the same reasons. Poor marketing, unfocused business strategy and planning, lack of research and lack of direction on what to prioritize are just a few reasons why.

“Set the right goals at the right time, and set them in the right priority” -Lisa Corrado

One of the most effective ways to increase your chances of success is to have the right goals that inform what you execute on and when. Coach Lisa Corrado is a friend of HAYVN who works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help implement the strategies and systems they need to achieve the bigger vision.

“Better Than Ever” Goal Setting Strategies & Considerations from Lisa Corrado:

  • Ask yourself the right questions and don’t let yourself off the hook.
  • Planning for pitfalls is the secret weapon everyone needs.
  • Know that your end result may not be what you truly want and it’s okay to pivot.
  • Set the right priorities and focus on fewer priorities to 10x your effectiveness.
  • Know who you want to be in the vision of what you want to achieve.

“It’s a lot easier to do successful and effective goal setting, if there’s a process to follow” -Lisa Corrado

Doing less to achieve more is something we all may struggle with, but Lisa makes it very clear that it is critical to your success. When you start to feel overwhelmed and overcome by the size of the projects ahead of you, Lisa’s mantra “What am I doing now and what am I doing next?” can certainly keep you grounded and save your sanity.

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