Scaling Ventures with Realist Lab hubcast

In this engaging episode of the HAYVN Hubcast, we delve into the ever evolving world of venture investing and explore how Realist Lab, a new tech incubator, is transforming the investment landscape.

Realist Lab offers aspiring startup founders the crucial elements for success, including funding, technology, resources, and practical tools to scale their ventures. Joining us today are Christine Sullivan, Marie Rocha, Joana Smith, and Isis-Rae Goulbourne – four extraordinary women who serve as members of Realist Lab’s core management team.

Throughout the episode, we explore key points that shed light on the essence of successful startup companies:

  • The inherent value of investing in people and nurturing talent to unlock potential.
  • The pivotal role of solid leadership in driving a company’s growth and achievements.
  • The transformative changes and profound impact Realist Lab is making within the investment ecosystem.

“At the core, we really just care about seeing more progress.” -Marie Rocha

Our guests bring a wealth of diverse professional backgrounds and unique areas of expertise:

  • Marie Rocha recognized the need for women-centric pitch opportunities through her exposure to investment events and competitions.
  • Christine Sullivan, a former investment banker, identified the gap in investing in women-led ventures and found her purpose in this space.
  • Joana Smith is leveraging her finance background as an analyst and hedge fund partner and has embarked on a journey in technology with aspirations of becoming a founder.
  • Isis-Rae Goulbourne with her marketing and community-building acumen, highlights the team diversity as one of the strengths contributing to Realist Lab’s success.

Join us as we follow the inspiring narratives and insights learned – much of it learned through HAYVN’s LAUNCH and HATCH programs – that made it possible for Realist Lab’s commitment to revolutionizing investment practices and empowering women entrepreneurs.

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