Recalibrating and Upskilling: Workplace Strategies with Eileen Springer on HAYVN Hubcast

The professional landscape is constantly evolving, but over the past 18 months, there have been seismic shifts in the workplace, and these brought in their own set of challenges and opportunities currently facing most professionals and organizations.

Joining us again is Eileen Springer, the founder of Central Park Executive Coaching. She’s an accomplished executive coach, and works with C-suite executives, mid-career professionals, and teams, drawing from her 30 years of experience in HR and talent management within global corporations.

Key topics discussed in this episode are:

  • Recalibration in the workforce
  • Challenges for mid-level managers
  • Upskilling as a strategy

“For a manager, or for anyone in a role with a lot of responsibility, self-care is critical to ensure that you can be the best you can be first.” – Eileen Springer

Eileen also discusses the importance of courage in the workplace. For managers, this means having difficult conversations with employees, asking them what their goals are, and finding solutions that would be mutually beneficial for the employee and the company. And for the employees, this means having to manage up, not waiting for your efforts to be recognized, and identifying the actions that can be taken to initiate these conversations with sponsors, peers, managers, and mentors.

To get all the useful knowledge and practical tips Eileen shared, listen to the full episode.

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