CP Heda from Esstart chats Making Events More Fun on HAYVN Hubcast

In this episode of the HAYVN Hubcast, Nancy Sheed sits down with CP Heda, the visionary founder of Esstart. His company is changing the game in event engagement, making gatherings more interactive, memorable, and inclusive through cutting-edge technology.

“Esstart’s mission is to create a platform that offers many activities, games, utilities around events, so that as a host of the event, you have one place to go to and pick and choose all the activities that you want.” -CP Heda

In this episode, CP:

  • Introduces Esstart’s products, and how they can make different events more engaging
  • Shares the importance of continuous learning and having a dynamic team in a rapidly evolving technological landscape
  • Explains the growth track with having different products that cater to diverse audiences, from corporations to galas and individual events

CP also reflects on the pivotal role of the HAVYN community in starting Esstart, and how this vibrant co-working space and its warm, welcoming atmosphere was exactly what he was looking for.

To hear more about the story of Esstart, how it started, and its groundbreaking event engagement solutions listen to this full episode.

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