Living the Lifestyle of the Circular Economy w/ Nick Skeadas & Brad Kerner

A lively conversation on how two CT-based market leaders have navigated the vast landscape of living a circular lifestyle with zero waste, less carbon emissions, and using superior-designed refurbished products.

Our two experts Nick Skeadas from Curbside Compost and Brad Kerner Eco Evolution Co discuss Connecticut 2024 solid waste goals, how it is contending with a reduction in landfill space and ever-increasing amounts of trash disposal, how they are handling this matter and what we can do to also help solve this critical issue!

Our topics will include:

  • Learning how food scraps are a natural resource – not trash.
  • Understanding where Connecticut’s food waste comes from (you will be surprised!) and its direct effects on our pollution level since food waste is truly a climate contributing problem, with composting and refurbishing methods providing the solution.
  • Discovering the proven trends inspiring behavioral change within a circular way of low waste living and consumption habits.
  • Getting updates on the State’s 2024 solid waste reduction goal and the tax implications for citizens and business.