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Legal Advice Every Small Business Needs to Know

Starting a business can be a dream come true that turns into an overwhelming situation quickly. You may have started your business thinking about your product or services, marketing, sales, social media strategies, accounting, and business coaches, but what is the one thing you left out and needed just as much, if not more? Legal guidance from an attorney.

Alexis Brooks is an attorney specializing in women-owned small businesses. She provides legal advice and support that keeps businesses thriving.

In this episode you will learn the critical infrastructure and organization that business attorneys like Alexis brings to the table. From registering your business to protecting your business, and resolving issues with current, former, or prospective employees, business attorneys play a vital role in expanding, protecting, and handling your business.

Key topics unpacked:

  • Establishing legal practices that protect the business
  • Post-COVID reality for small businesses surviving
  • Newer hiring practices

“Employers need to be up on what is happening from a legislative standpoint” – Alexis Brooks

Alexis also shares how her journey led to the experience and exposure she needed to eventually found Brooks Law, PLLC. An incredible fact about Alexis is that she graduated from law school with a 10-day old newborn. She’s pursued practicing law and finds satisfaction in being part of HAYVN’s amazing business community. Sharing her legal knowledge with others is how Alexis continues to grow and impact women-owned businesses.

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