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How To Get Your Book Published

Have you considered telling your story, sharing your lessons, or putting your knowledge into a book that will give you even more recognition? These days there are so many options to publishing a book.

“The good news is that with growth and technological breakthroughs, not only can we publish our own books, but we can make all the decisions…” -Amanda Miller

However, the journey to becoming a published author can be anything but straightforward. Enter Amanda Miller, a self-publishing consultant with My Word Publishing. She helps people get the confidence, strategy, and roadmap they need to publish their book.

Unpacking the complicated world of publishing:

  • Amanda explains the differences between self-publishing versus traditional publishing
  • How the oversimplification of the self-publishing process works against authors
  • Differences between self-publishing versus hybrid publishing versus subsidy publishing
  • Why book marketing is more complicated than most writers think
  • Amanda reveals red flags of publishers you might want to steer clear of
  • Learn the vital parts of publishing and key players every author will want to get published

The key to setting yourself up for success is being aware of all the people involved and the traps you need to watch out for. If you are interested in self-publishing, Amanda offers free 30-minute consultations if you’d like more information.

And she is not helping authors, she helps organize and lead a wonderful HAYVN group of young professionals called HYPE (HAYVN Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs).

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