Christine Oleynick chats How A Successful Realtor Creates Community on HAYVN Hubcast

Christine Oleynick is a realtor with Keller Williams. She loves connecting with people and helping them build relationships in the community. She has been in real estate for the past nine years and loves the work and the relationships she has created. She now has a fun and authentic presence on social media and other platforms. Christine has found her true passion in community building and marketing through real estate.

Formerly, she’s the founder of the “What Women Want” organization in Fairfield County, with a love and skill for events and event marketing. Before that she was in corporate advertising and marketing which had been her major in college.

Key points that Christine shares today:

  • How she found her way from the corporate advertising world to real estate and the joys of helping people find their dream homes.
  • The power of storytelling in real estate marketing: learn how Christine’s personal story of selling her doctor’s home had the biggest impact of any IG post she shared on Instagram.
  • The challenges and rewards of being a realtor for life: explore the realities of being a real estate agent, from setting healthy boundaries to the importance of having a strong network.

“It’s all about those natural connections and trying to be that resource, and that help for people who are trying to buy and sell. But it’s much more than that. It’s helping people in the community make the connections.” – Christine Oleynick

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