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Get Help to Get Your Finances on Track

Managing personal finances is crucial and when not handled properly can lead to debt, unexpected expenses, and overspending. For people who don’t have time or are overwhelmed they can get help.

Becca Feeley is the Business Development Manager for Financial Sense, a daily money management company that helps with everything financial from cash flow tracking to paying bills. Becca reveals the history of how her mother came to start her their financial business.

Whether you’ve been looking for household finance strategy and help because you’re short on time or because it’s boring you to pieces, daily money management professionals like Becca and her mom are the ideal solutions.

If you’re looking to gain confidence around how you are handling your personal finances, then Becca Feeley and Financial Sense offer free resources.

Key points discussed with Becca:

  • The type of clients Financial Sense attracts
  • What is daily money management
  • How to get started with a financial services company
  • Ways she was able to thrive as a small business

Becca is super approachable and is also a valued part of the HAYVN community. Like many, she is a mom who wanted more time for her family. Leaving an unfulfilling corporate life for a service-based small business is the entrepreneurial path that started with her mother and now continues with her. Financial Sense is their labor of love together.

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