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Continuing the Healthcare Advocacy beyond COVID

Today, co-host Nancy Sheed tackles the ins and outs of healthcare management with the founder of Healthcare Pathfinder, Anne McGuire. Anne’s decision to enter the business world after a career in nursing was a big change. She shares how her experiences provided the insight for a start-up in the healthcare industry.

Running a comprehensive healthcare service requires years of understanding how the healthcare system works. It’s complicated and Anne recognized serving patients was the most important part of healthcare management.

Healthcare Pathfinder began to help people to manage their health and long-term care insurance. It was a natural fit after her years in the healthcare field.

Choosing coverage, managing access and continued advocacy are key parts of the services. Anne is dedicated to ensuring all areas are covered as part of the patient’s journey.

Taking that big leap to start the business, Anne explains the steps in her transition. She truly enjoys working with her clients in all phases including intake, setting expectations, and planning.

The evolution of the healthcare system to the Affordable Care Act opened opportunities for Healthcare Pathfinder to help people manage traditional coverage and their long-term healthcare.

Anne describes how being in a helpful community like HAYVN has expanded her network. She’s learned from others and has improved how she runs her business. Her advice: do your research and look for support. Be proactive about connecting with others.

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