Get a Brand New Life Rhythm with Kristen Rzasa on HAYVN Hubcast


Get a Brand New Life Rhythm with Kristen Rzasa

Are you ready for a brand new rhythm for your life?

Today’s guest Kristen Rzasa brings a unique approach to entrepreneurship. She’s a life and business strategist and helps her clients find balance that leads to greater success.

Kristen brings her corporate and entrepreneurial experience to everything she does. Her corporate job was with Daimler Chrysler and she had a side hustle too. When she found herself outside of corporate, she went into full time entrepreneurship.

After years of being driven and successful she realized she was burned out and in danger of breaking down. Kristen made another big shift.

That’s where conversations about life rhythm began.

She explains the 4 components that help her understand her client’s priorities. It’s eye-opening to hear how she can discover where things are out of alignment.

What would change for you?

It’s time to create a new rhythm in our lives. That begins with living our values. Reprioritizing what really matters to us is the first step Kristen takes with her clients.

What are you waiting for?

Today is the day. No more waiting until. Kristen shares how HAYVN has brought a sense of community that she realized she was missing. Collaboration and the opportunity to receive and give back is also fulfilling.

Connect with Kristen:

Website – Get her Rhythm Reset Guide


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Quote: “It’s about creating a life by design.”

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