Lauren Rosato chats Family Recipe to Big Name Retailers on HAYVN Hubcast

If you’re a product-based business or food business, getting into major retailers is literally the dream. Taking your small family operated business from the kitchen table to the shelves of Walmart and Sam’s Club, and QVC channels can feel impossible.

This is the challenging journey of today’s guest Lauren Rosato who co-founded Rose Sisters Chips with her partner Jonathan and has been on a four year journey growing their gourmet chip business through several stages.

“If you’re starting a business, you really have to look at what your needs are, what the business needs are, […] and how you could meet them.” -Lauren Rosato

Key points covered:

  • Navigating pandemic-imposed challenges in a growing food business
  • Strategies to grow your business looks very different at different stages
  • Raising capital and pitching investors is necessary at the later stage

“You really have to be resilient, able to manage change, because every day […] it’s gonna bring 10 to 50 to 100 new things that we’re gonna have to deal with, and then you have to just roll with it.” -Lauren Rosato

Lauren’s business pitch for Rose Sisters Chips won the most recent HAYVN Hatch pitching contest of women founders, and she’s been on a roll since! She put in a lot of work learning what makes a good pitch, a good pitch deck, and how to deliver a great pitch. The consulting and help she’s been getting is clearly working, as she’s even closer to getting her chips into big stores.

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