Dr. Melissa-Sue John and her family publishing company working towards better diversity in literature on HAYVN Hubcast

After realizing the lack of diversity in the books used to teach preschoolers engineering, Dr. Melissa-Sue John, a social psychologist, approached her daughters with this problem. Together they founded Laur​en Simone Publishing House writing and publishing their own books.

“My 8-year-old at the time looked at me and she said, “Mommy don’t complain about the problem. Be the solution.” – Dr. Melissa-Sue John

Working with her two daughters, Olivia Lauren John and Alyssa Simone John, Dr. Melissa-Sue has created a publishing company that brings to life the work of diverse children’s authors and illustrators creating literature for all to enjoy.

Key Points Dr. Melissa-Sue Shares in this discussion:

  • How she learned by herself how to publish a book and run a business
  • The lack of diversity in literacy and how Laur​en Simone Publishing House is working to address this challenge
  • The differences in publishing models and how their hybrid publishing model is set apart

“Everybody has a story. The research says 80% of Americans believe that they have a story. But some of us are just not as confident in telling that story, so with some professional expertise, you can bring that story alive.” – Dr. Melissa-Sue John

Dr. Melissa-Sue also shares her experience in participating in the HAYVN Hatch in the hopes of being able to expand to help her authors market their own books and gives tips for business owners who will make their own pitches.

Connect with Dr. Melissa-Sue John:

Website: https://www.laurensimonepubs.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurensimonepubs/

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