Sarah Spear talks about empowering parents of special needs children on HAYVN Hubcast


Build An Empowering Movement with Heart and Impact for Parents

The phrase, “find a need, fill a need” is a common staple in the entrepreneurial world for those looking to make a difference.

When founder and serial entrepreneur, Sarah Spear, found out how isolating her world became being the mother of a child with special needs, she discovered the need for parents to have support and a better way to share knowledge with one another. Empowered Together is the community she created to solve issues that she herself was experiencing.

1 in 5 households are caring for children with special needs (source)

Sarah’s online community is about providing support to parents experiencing the same struggles and telling them what she wishes she knew early on.

“Research demonstrates that kids with special needs have superior outcomes when the parents are receiving services at the same time.” – Sarah Spear

Key Points Discussed with Sarah:

  • Parents need a psychologically safe space to feel supported
  • Experimenting with iterative business models leads to success
  • Introducing conversation around hard topics is necessary
  • HAYVN’S community of female entrepreneurs has been powerful

Sarah is looking for relationships and introductions to centers that serve special needs populations and would love to hear from you.

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