Eliminating Chemicals & Empowering Water Stewardship

May 19, 2023 at HAYVN

Guests: Anne Hulick from Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund and Kristia Janowski from Mill River Park Collaborative

Watch a lively conversation on learning how two environmental leaders have navigated Connecticut’s diverse water stewardship initiatives! From having restored and protected many of our critical urban water systems to restoration of wildlife habitats.

Diverse topics on the impact of Connecticut’s water stewardship issues will include:

  • Mill River Park Collaborative – from a historical perspective to learning about the current successes in urban water stewardship and land redevelopment across a 10-year vision.
  • The phenomenal results of Mill River Park’s revitalization which extend to converting areas of Stamford’s desirable waterfront into a green landscape… for all residents to enjoy.
  • It’s not just in California! Connecticut’s state of water systems, the geographic areas and what the real implications are with our drought conditions, how residents can be mindful for their own water security in the years ahead.
  • Nutrient Pollution in our Water – one of our most critical challenges for protecting water quality and purity, given the pervasiveness in toxic chemical runoff that is increasingly a national issue.
  • Connecticut’s national leadership in PFAS “forever” toxic chemicals! How it happened, what it achieved for the State, especially with our landfills and having reliable access to clean drinking water.



Anne Hulick is the Connecticut Director of Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund and focuses on passing health protective policies aimed at mitigating climate change, protecting our waters and reducing exposure to toxic chemicals at the state and federal level. Anne started her career as a critical care nurse, advancing to nursing director. She holds a BSN from the University of Hartford, an MS in administration from UCONN. She pursued a juris doctorate in order to combine environmental health policy and the law and was admitted to the CT Bar in 2007.

Kristia Janowski, SEA, is the Director of Education and Sustainability for Mill River Park Collaborative. She has over 20 years of experience in Environmental Education and previously helped launch and scale a wildlife education company that has served the tri-state area for nearly two decades. Before joining the Collaborative, she worked as an environmental and sustainability education consultant. She has served as the Co-Chair for the International Society of Sustainability Professionals’ New York City Chapter for over four years. She has also served on the boards of the Conscious Capitalism Connecticut Chapter and the Connecticut Outdoor Education Association.