Do What You Love & Share Your Passion with Mark Andreas on HAYVN Hubcast

What if the thing you enjoy more than anything in the world is also something people need more of in this world? Artist Mark Andreas started developing his passion to work creatively with wood before the age of 14. For Mark, nurturing his passion and doing what he loved mostly meant more time in nature, more peace, and more creativity. He’s allowed his creativity to flow through many adjacent experiences and careers from being a boat builder, to metal fabricator, to art educator, art director and more.

The thing for most people is finding a way to monetize and build a successful business model around their passion. As you listen to this episode, you will hear how Mark who is not only passionate about his wood working, found a way to connect what he loves most to how it benefits everyone else around as well.

Key Artistic Approaches to Work and Life:

  • You may have many roles, but you get to define how you see yourself.
  • Sharing your passion with others can be unconventional in delivery.
  • Value the skills and experience you create for others, and charge accordingly.

“A lot of the art making process is to be able to express that excitement and exploration and discoveries that you make through the artistic process with people around.” -Mark Andreas

Mark Andreas came to HAYVN wanting to learn what it would take to build a better business model. What we love about Mark is that he not only sees what he stands to gain being part of HAYVN, but how he can also be of value to the HAYVN community.

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