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The Digital Solution For Life’s Milestones

When Shea Phinney & Jeff Cohen got married in 2018 they discovered the inspiration for the current business while on their honeymoon.  The husband and wife business team join Nancy Sheed and share how their business, E-Bration may be the answer you’ve been waiting for, just in time for the holiday season. And they also give us a sneak peek to their business journey.

What Shea and Jeff did was what any good business would do. They set out to find a solution to a problem that wasn’t being solved–how to handle all of the moving parts of life’s memorable moments.

Think about it. If you take your age and multiply it by the number of birthdays, holidays, life events, and festivals you attend over a lifetime, the number is truly overwhelming. Now, think about all the cards you receive and the photos you take.

Here are just a few of the solutions E-Bration is bringing to our overly cluttered and disorganized lives (and reasons to check them out):

  • Card fatigue (too many paper cards)
  • Declutters show boxes and storage bins from the garage.
  • Create a digital card platform your family can enjoy years from now.

They built a product and tested it with beta groups 10 months before officially launching their company.

3 Startup Lessons To Remember:

  • Feedback! Feedback ! Feedback!
  • Look for opportunities to partner with adjacent businesses.
  • Connections matter, let people know what you’re up to.

My biggest piece of advice is just getting feedback from as many people as possible, getting connected with people in your industry, and startup advisors. –  Jeff Cohen

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