Creating a Curated Marketplace for the Beauty and Wellness Markets for Black Women on HAYVN Hubcast

One of the biggest joys and motivating factors for founders coming into any industry is solving a problem for a group of people. Once you find a solution or at least imagine the solution, you have to learn and take the steps needed to execute from there.

In this episode, Shelise Joseph and Kadene Brown Lafontant join us to discuss how they founded BE.U.TYMRK.D, an online marketplace of beauty and wellness products curated for Black women. They joined forces to bring a solution and representation to an underserved community with a huge potential.

“There are beauty brands that are amazing, but they can’t survive because they don’t have access to market the way others do.”

Nothing worth pursuing is going to be simple, and Shelise and Kadene are stepping up to be seen and heard for beauty and wellness brands that aren’t easily stocked into big retail stores. Doing research to determine the opportunities and best route available to bring all the needs of the core segment of Black women into one space shows how this brand is off to a great start.

Key Takeaways from the BE.U.TYMRK.D founders:

  • Solve a real problem
  • Notice where there are gaps in the industry
  • You can transfer best practices from one industry to another
  • Brand education and advocacy are part of the story, launch and success

Part of their founders’ journey including pitching at a HAYVN Hatch, where they were the winners. They shared that the pitching experience helped them with exposure, business planning and preparing them for fundraising and ultimately their official launch.

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