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Small Business Lessons to Help You Grow Your Business

In the entrepreneurial journey to building a business, there are always more challenges than you ever anticipate. Seeing the overall picture, and having an effective route mapped out that will take you from idea to success is difficult when you’ve never built a business before.

Business mentors may be the entrepreneur’s most valuable ally. Successful business owners like Pat Duncan have proven success, and have experienced building and solving problems, are the kind of mentors you’d be lucky to have.

Pat built her company from nothing and sold it for a profit, as many business owners hope to do. She is now a SCORE Volunteer helping other business owners and startups grow the business they dream of.

A few lessons Pat shares about growing a successful business:

  • When it doesn’t work the way you want, be flexible
  • Talk to a lot of people
  • Don’t quit your job
  • Don’t hire friends
  • Review the numbers weekly

“Whatever we can learn, we have learned in our careers, we can help other people start or grow their own small businesses. “ -Pat Duncan

Pat explains the benefits offered by working with a SCORE Volunteer. Face-to-face meetings are part of mentorship that cannot be replaced. Whether on Zoom, in a café, or in a library, working with a mentor has benefits that will propel your business and success in ways you cannot imagine.

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