Conscious Consumerism

Empowering Your Life and Transforming Your Work

What is conscious consumerism, and why is it important? Join us as we delve into the fundamental principles and values of conscious consumerism, and gain a deeper understanding of its significance.

Practical Tips for Implementing Conscious Consumerism

Explore sustainable and ethical shopping practices by identifying and supporting socially responsible brands and businesses. Learn how to embrace a minimalist lifestyle and make conscious choices that align with your values while being mindful of our planet’s finite resources.

  • Navigating Labels and Certifications : Decode eco-labels and certifications to make informed choices that have a positive impact on the environment. Evaluate the credibility and transparency of labeling systems, ensuring you’re making truly conscious decisions.
  • The Power of Consumer Activism: Briana Hart, CEO of buyVerde, Silvina Skverer Founder of Thinking Beyond Business and Gavin Watson, Chair of Conscious Capitalism CT will share their journeys, practical strategies and recommendations to become more conscious consumers and business leaders.
  • Buy Verde online marketplace: Recognizing the Impact of Consumer Choices: Discover the tremendous impact your choices can have on social, environmental, and ethical aspects. Join us as we hear Briana Hart’s inspiring journey of developing an online marketplace that enables shoppers to align their purchases with their values, supporting businesses that generate social impact.
  • Gavin’s Journey: Integrating Conscious Consumerism into Everyday Life : Learn from Gavin as he shares his personal journey of embracing conscious consumerism in both his everyday life and work. Gain practical insights and inspiration to incorporate conscious choices into your own lifestyle.
  • Thinking Beyond Business Journey: Learn from Silvina and Soledad how a corporate lawyer and a former CFO embarked on a profound career shift to empower organizations to embrace conscious practices. Gain insights into the strategies to bridge the gap between conscious consumers and businesses, creating meaningful connections that drive positive change. Gain valuable insights into attracting conscious consumers and building sustainable relationships based on shared values.


Learn About Our Speakers


As VP Operations at Watson Inc., Gavin led several efforts to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. From 2000, Watson began purchasing 100% wind energy buying over 4 million KWH of renewable electricity, reducing the company’s carbon footprint by around 1,000 tons of CO2 annually.

In 2000 Gavin bought a new VW Golf Diesel and converted it to run on vegetable oil, then installed a diesel engine in a Porsche 914 and won the 2006 Tour de Sol’s most environmentally friendly biofuel vehicle award.

In 2015 through an energy kaizen event, Watson reduced its electrical demand by 25% while at the same time increasing employee engagement. Watson engaged in all three of the programs that United Illuminating had at the time, PRIME, EUA, and BSC.



Silvina Skverer is a business professional with 10+ years in accounting, auditing, and finance. She holds a BA in accounting from University of Buenos Aires and is trained in ESG strategy development. She is a board member of the CT Sustainable Business Council and the business chair of the Greenwich Sustainability Committee and actively promotes sustainable initiatives within her local community. Her unwavering belief in the power of education and collective action drives her to empower businesses to embrace sustainability as a core value, creating a lasting impact on the world. She initiated several grassroots programs to raise awareness and educate businesses about implementing sustainable practices.

Conscious about her environmental footprint, Silvina has gradually been incorporating the principles of conscious consumerism into her life by driving an electric car, composting, buying used products, extending the lifecycle of household items, and supporting companies that are generating social impact.



Briana is a former Wall Street executive of 18+ years experience in ESG, big data, launching businesses, running global teams, advising CEOs and boards in various roles at Morgan Stanley, BlackRock and Bank of America. She is committed to giving back to the community – currently serving on the nonprofit board for Family Centers in Fairfield County and previously having served on the board of Room to Grow.