Curt Battles chats Business Solutions to Lifestyle Challenges on HAYVN Hubcast

We’re never short on ideas when it comes to daily inconveniences or solving marketplace problems, but how many potential business solutions do we actually follow through to pursue?

Curt Battles, the CEO of Craft Beer Insights, is a business strategist and tech guru in the craft beer space who advises entrepreneurs and business owners how to launch, grow and increase profitability. His own challenges in finding where to get a decent craft beer led to a new project and mobile app that’s been 4 years in the making.

“This work is much better, more diverse, even more unique and dynamic than when I originally thought about it.” -Curtis Battles

Curt shares the breadth of experience he’s enjoyed across multiple industries ranging from food and beverage to finance and business strategies. He’s able to pull on all of these experiences to help others chart their path forward.

Key Discussion Points with Curt:

  • Learn how to leverage the skills you have across industries
  • How to go from idea to beta launch
  • People and patience are key in launching his new projects

“You always need good quality advisors outside, or as I call it, the adults in the room.” -Curtis Battles

What Curt demonstrates is that even with the level of experience he has, you will always do better building a team of experienced people around you to help execute an idea. Boredom kills most entrepreneurial dreams, and Curt’s ability to stick with the development of his app 4 years later is testament to pushing through challenges and obstacles that arose along the way.

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