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Business Automation with Gina Palacio

Nancy Sheed is back with another great guest and HAYVN member. Today’s topic is business solutions for small business owners with the accounting guru, Gina Palacio of Level & True Accounting. Gina’s entrepreneurial roots sparked her inspiration to pursue helping small businesses level up their game through customized accounting system automation.

Gina outlines what you need to know before starting a new business:

  • Take care of all the legal paperwork to avoid serious consequences.
  • Accounting software is just a tool. You still need professionals to make it work smart for you.
  • Be on the lookout for proper guidance and the right information from the start.
  • In choosing the right accounting system to set up, know your options and always weigh the pros and cons.

Gina also shared some of the processes which can be simplified through the system of automation. This will eliminate a lot of work right up front and would only require certain approvals.

The basics in the proper set-up of automated accounting systems is already a huge time-saver. Efficient management helps to maintain the accuracy of the data delivered for the owner’s decision-making needs.

Gina also pointed out the importance of understanding your true cost as a business owner at the end of a business year and how taking automation to a whole new level plays a big role in it.

Being proactive in the business and on top of your numbers is one of the major factors to success.

Better systems. Effective automation. Smoother accounting.

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