Building Your Business With Trust and Joy with Rhodie Lorenz on HAYVN Hubcast

Entrepreneurship is an incredibly fast-paced lifestyle. Every day, there are tasks to do, people to meet, and decisions to make, when we want our business to succeed and grow. But what about when we reach a point where we don’t know what to do? Our guest in this episode, Rhodie Lorenz, found that the answer often lies in trusting ourselves.

In 2011, Rhodie co-founded JoyRide Cycling Studio. Serving as its Chief Creative Director, her years of experience as a teacher and fitness instructor helped her develop a unique fitness training method and design a special space that encouraged an inclusive, community-oriented business.

“So much of our success has to do with the complementary skill sets that we brought…” -Rhodie Lorenz

A lot of times in Rhodie’s journey, there was no template for how to do the things she wanted to accomplish, like opening an independent, boutique fitness studio, or running a business during and after the pandemic, or how to pivot from a business you dedicated over a decade to. Yet throughout all this, she’s learned to trust herself, and trust that she can do it anyway.

Some of the topics we discuss:

  • Building successful partnerships
  • Doing things uniquely and making decisions that work for you
  • Pivots and changes in business and life

“I get so excited when people open doors to another level of their potential.” – Rhodie Lorenz

Rhodie has since shifted from fitness instructor to Executive Coaching. These days, she helps female entrepreneurs who constantly juggle a lot between family and business and need a little guidance along the way.

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