Building Connections and Community with Laura Incerto on HAYVN Hubcast

In this episode of the HAYVN Hubcast, Nancy Sheed is joined by guest Laura Incerto, the visionary founder of Women for Women.

Women for Women is not your typical networking group. Since it started in 2009, this extraordinary community has seen many meaningful connections and encouraged lasting friendships among women. Together, Nancy and Laura discuss the incredible journey Women for Women has seen in the past 14 years and explore the importance of community and connections.

“One thing women don’t need in their lives is more pressure.” – Laura Incerto

Here are three takeaways from this episode:

  • Open and relaxed gatherings encourage more natural connections
  • People have a desire to create genuine connections and friendships
  • Flexibility and adapting to changes allow groups to stay strong

“Age has nothing to do with living your life every day to the fullest.” – Laura Incerto

Laura shares the stories of the group’s founding, its remarkable evolution, the inclusivity among its members, and the importance of establishing an environment where women can connect organically and without pressure.

This group is proof that connections can be made among people with extremely different backgrounds and experiences. Their open and inclusive nature has contributed to its growth, and they continue to attract new members every month.

Join Nancy and Laura in this captivating episode as they celebrate the power of authentic connections and the inspiring legacy of Women for Women.

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