Bridal Experiences During a Pandemic with Ashley Krauss on HAYVN Hubcast


Bridal Experiences During a Pandemic with Ashley Krauss

Weddings are where brides shine the brightest. That’s where Ashley Krauss comes in. She’s the founder and owner of A Little Something White bridal boutique and joins co-host Nancy Sheed about how Ashley and her team fulfill the dreams of brides despite the pandemic.

Serving their bride’s fashion needs will always be the top priority. As a full-service bridal boutique, they also work with bridesmaids’ dresses, bridal gown alterations, accessories and more.

Even if Ashley’s educational and work background was far from her current role, she believed that the seeds of the dream were born when she was a little girl playing dress-up with her younger sister. After her son was born and a few months of soul-searching, she finally found the perfect calling and that is bridal fashion.

As pointed out by Nancy, owning a bricks and mortar store has its challenges especially with a pandemic. Ashley focuses on the experience for her brides. This has helped her expand and gain client loyalty.

2020 turned out to be a successful year for A Little Something White. Here are the factors Ashley credits for making it in a challenging year.

  • You have to know what your brides are going to want to wear, and you have to buy with them in mind.
  • Hire people who are excellent communicators and have a good work ethic and personality.
  • One of her values systems is treating their brides like their sister/ best friend and that extends across the entire team.
  • Step out of the way of those good people in the team and let them shine.

After COVID, Ashley believes that a business managed correctly should be able to thrive without the owner there every day. She can now spend more time on business growth opportunities than on day-to-day business affairs.

Building a reputation in the wedding industry also took years of work. Ashley knows the growth can continue with continued networking and further exposure with the right connections.

Being a social member of the HAYVN community and participating in numerous events help her meet an incredible group of people to bounce off ideas with. Here’s to more happy brides!

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