Kendra Farm talks How To Produce Better Videos with Storytelling on HAYVN's Hubcast


How to Produce Better Video with Storytelling

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool for communication – whether it’s for entertainment, sharing news, or selling products and services. With video – storytelling can truly and more easily come to life.

Emmy award winning journalist Kendra Farn has been telling stories on for nearly 25 years.  From her days as a news reporter to her current role as the owner of P Garyn Productions, a video production company she knows the value that video brings to making an impact.

Key insights from Kendra on video production:

  • What makes a good story to begin with
  • Video production process from messaging to production
  • How she started her own company and found career/home balance

Kendra is enthusiastic about the current technology that simplifies video production and the social media platforms that allow everyone access to share a message and story with the world.

“Social media is free, F-R-E-E!  […] it is free advertising, and you’re reaching countless eyeballs!” – Kendra Farn

The current social media trends serving up the perfect bite-size video vehicle now delivers not just a story, but an effective message that encourages engagement and action.

 Kendra’s HAYVN Journey:

Kendra’s journey with HAYVN started from speaking with Felicia back when HAYVN was just a concept. She came on board to help with HAYVN’s GoFundMe video that helped bring the HAYVN community to life. Kendra plays a huge part as the MC of the HAYVN Hatch and loves to witness, support, and be a fan of the amazing people in the community.

Connect with Kendra Farn:


P Garyn Productions

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